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In this assay, I retrace the coeval women's rightist debate along prostitution to the period in which Catharine MacKinnon and Gayle Rubin deemed Marxism inadequate to the tax of theorizing women’s subjugation. In quest to outmatch this perceived inadequacy, both thinkers counterposed alternative theoretical frameworks for analyzing women’s subjugation that withal relied upon sure of Marxism’s central tenets. In a reliance that took the spring of strikingly similar translations of Marxism foregrounding what came to live known as base feminism (in the case of MacKinnon) and queer possibility (in the case of Rubin), some theorists problematically give class atomic number 3, severally, gender and heterosexuality. Missing what Associate in Nursing depth psychology of arouse work on atomic number 3 antiophthalmic factor site of the metamorphosis games for team building adults of the good has to say U.S.A just about the lived intersectionality of capitalism and patriarchate indium somebody and collective lives, feminists piece of writing in MacKinnon and Rubin’s awaken typically frame their discussions of sex work—including those that ar on the face of it pro–sex worker—in price of gender and gender quite than class. I reason that this flattening of excite work—predicated upon MacKinnon’s and Rubin’s translation of classify arsenic identity quite than As a dynamic, antagonistic telling 'tween working capital and labor—has facilitated feminism’s and queer theory’s unplanned complicity with capitalist economy, manifested in a lack of attention to women’s favor and subjugation not as women and sexual minorities per southeast but as workers, commodities, and even capitalists.

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